It is winter, and many holidays have already arrived, and many families are preparing for snow sports. In addition to experienced instructors, the proper ice climbing places will also be equipped with professional ice climbing equipment, such as helmets, locks, descenders, and seat belts. Whether this equipment is provided by the ice climbing camp or purchased by yourself, you will find that there will be a CE mark on the professional equipment. Then you may ask: what is this CE symbol?

climbing carabiners in bulk


Because rock climbing and ice climbing are high-altitude operations, the risk factor is very high, so the appropriate equipment has the CE symbol, and you must not use it without the CE.

CE certification is a product certification of the European Union. This CE is not simply a product qualification certification. It refers to a comprehensive consideration certification that the product does not endanger humans, animals, and goods. Because the European Union has this CE certification, it is said that as long as it is sold in the EU market, it must be CE certified. If our country’s products want to be sold in the EU, we must first obtain the CE certification. CE certification is also required for sales between member states, and for products made in the EU to be sold outside the EU, CE certification is generally required.

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