The carabiner is a must-have mountaineering tool.

A carabiner is an essential piece of equipment you use every time you climb a rock. A carabiner is a strong metal clip made of lightweight aluminum or high-strength steel that is generally used to attach all the different parts of a climbing safety system.

climbing gate

Carabiner has a spring-loaded door that opens under finger pressure, making it easy to clip it to climbing gear, such as a rope. A spring inside the carabiner keeps the door closed. The door is pushed open with a finger to clip a string or device to it, then released. The spring allows the mouth to close quickly. Carabiners have the most excellent load-carrying capacity when the trailhead is closed, and climbers generally use locking carabiners to ensure that the attachment doesn’t come off the carabiner.


Safer with Carabiners
Carabiners can perform various mountaineering tasks, including attaching climbers to ropes, attaching climbing ropes to harnesses or gears such as cams (LCDs) or climbing nuts, which connect climbers to protective anchors and then Connect a climber to the rope to descend.

Carabiners come in many shapes and sizes.
Carabiners come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and which shapes and sizes to buy and use depends on where the carabiners are to be applied.

3 Basic Carabiner Types
Carabiner comes in three basic shapes, oval, D, and asymmetrical D, and comes in three basic types of doors, straight, curved, and wire. There are two locking hooks, automatic locking hooks and screw locking hooks.

The best option is to use a UIAA-approved carabiner
Carabiners and other equipment, such as harnesses, ropes, and cams, need to be made according to the strict standards set by UIAA (International Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing); carabiner not made according to UIAA is not guaranteed