Here are different types of keychain clips on cnkimjee.comWe offer many styles, shapes and designs of plain key rings. supplies crystal key chain, ball keychain, pearl keychain, key rings, carabiner keychain, key tags and more. We have the most comprehensive collection of custom keychains that are ideal for advertising your business, auto dealership, real estate Company, or organization all year round. All of our key chains are priced at factory direct prices.

Key rings that provide a function or solve a problem. Suitable for everyday use we offer badge holder keyrings, bottle openers, floating key chains, key cases, led lights, pocket knives, whistles, lanyards and wrist key holders. 

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Different types of keychain clips

Keychain Spilt rings

types of keychain clips

Lobster clasp keychains

types of keychain clips

Oval hook keychains

C-hook keychains

types of keychain clips

Beaded keychains

types of keychain clips

Carabiner keychains

Carabiner key chain are used  in outdoor activities. 6061 aluminum carabiner with a good breaking strength could be perfect for holding key chain and others. And you could engraved your company name, logo on the carabiners. And you could print with the colors you like or to fit with your products.

types of keychain clips

Opener keychains

types of keychain clips

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