When I say use a carabiner to walk your dog, some may wonder, walk your dog with a carabiner? Yes, you may be wondering why there are so many leashes and tools on the market specifically designed for dog walking. Still, I chose the carabiner initially designed for hiking use?

Because I’ve seen too many professional leash accidents where dogs slide out of Easy Walk Harnesses on their shoulders, pull their heads out of Gentle Leaders, pull out of collars, and leave forked collars wide open. When this happens, your dog has gotten loose and escaped; if it’s been a more playful dog, you may have to chase it for a while to catch it. I haven’t had any problems with the dog leash carabiner coming loose since I used it.

This is where the carabiner comes in handy. If you slap a “biner,” the failed device will still be attached to something else on the dog (usually a flat collar), and your dog will still be attached to you and the leash. Carabiners are lively little guys.

Here are 5 ways to use the Carabiner to leash your dog:

▪ Attach a flat/harness collar to an Easy Walk harness or other body harnesses

▪ Attach a flat/harnessed collar to a Gentle Leader or other head harnesses (if the regular size is too heavy, try a small climbing carabiner)

▪ Attach a flat collar to a Martingale collar

▪ Attach a flat/harnessed collar to a fork collar

▪ Attach a leash to your belt loop or wrap the leash around your waist and secure it with a “biner” (this is an extra layer of protection if your dog decides to drop the leash when breakdancing to another dog).

More specifically: slide the carabiner through the loop on the dog’s flat (or harness) collar and then through the loop on whatever device they are wearing, for example, the front loop on a body harness. Attach the leash to the front of the harness as usual.

Now, if the dog comes out of the harness: your leash will still be attached to the harness (now loosely) because it is attached to the flat collar by a carabiner. So your dog will suddenly have a few extra inches of “leash” in that failed harness. However, in the end, you and the leash are still attached to the dog via the carabiner clipped to the flat collar.

Another way to look at it (FYI: Boogie’s collar looks loose because he wears a harness collar – I could/should have attached the carabiner to the harness D-ring so his collar would be more comfortable in this situation).

If a carabiner doesn’t work for your device, or if you don’t have one on hand, you could at least try clipping the belt to both pieces of equipment.

If you don’t believe that carabiner works well, you can buy one right now and try it out. If you also agree with the benefits of the carabiner for dog walking and fancy this market and want to customize the carabiner, Kimjee is your reliable choice. We focus on carabiner custom production, reliable quality, and affordable price. It is your best. We are the best carabiner supplier for you.