What Is A Swivel Snap Hook?

A Swivel Snap Hook is a common general-purpose hook that binds two lengths through a simple pull-and-lock gate mechanism that is spring-loaded to snap in place and remain that way once closed. The construction and design of snap hooks make them useful in many different fields, from everyday household uses to large-scale industrial purposes. 

What makes them unique is the rotating, swiveling base they are bolted to, allowing them to achieve an angle at any face 360 degrees around the swivel point. These allow for a variety of uses with fixed or variable tips. On or either side of the hook can freely spin to accommodate twisting and turning without compromising the bond. You may already know what swivel snap hooks are without knowing the proper name. This article should explain everything there is to know about these simple but ingenious designs.

Types of swivel snap hook

There are some different kinds of snap hooks, most of which will already be assembled into an item or be very simple to put together. They each have various applications and come in one or more types of material picked to aid their primary function.

Traditional Snap Hook is the most common kind. It’s a question-mark-shaped ring with an openable side that can be pushed in and automatically snap back shut once the pressure is removed. Some have a button-based lever operation where the gate can be lowered from outside and then hooked on by releasing the knob.

Heavy-Duty Snaps are much thicker and denser, usually made out of steel or iron. They are tested extensively for their ability to handle and hold up specific amounts of force and weight without snapping at any part. 

Trigger Snaps have a completely closed-loop but have a trigger that can lean it open. These are easier to open than traditional snap hooks, which have to be pressed in, whereas Triggers extend outward. This makes releasing material as easy as inserting it.

Bolt Snaps may be the type most people are familiar with. The hook has a gate that opens and closes with a knob that is pulled down. When released, it springs back up to close the loop on itself again. It can sometimes be easy for things to get caught between the gate and the rest of the hook if released too early.


Swivel snap hooks are made of various materials to suit every day or dangerous industrial needs accordingly.

Die Cast Zinc is one of the most common types of material. It’s non-toxic, reusable, and as a metal, it’s stronger than plastic or other reinforced polymers. It also self lubricates, which is vital for the bearing to continue working.

Aluminum is one of the premium materials for making swivel snap hooks. Universal, they are light but exceptionally strong snap with a swivel eye. The inside diameter of the eye is 16-20 mm. As the snap is made of the material used in the aircraft industry, the loading capacity of the snap hooks can be more than 400 kg. Ideal for leisure and outdoor activities and just as suitable for extreme conditions. The snap is easily opened and closed with one hand.

Stainless Steel is highly resistant to all types of corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor use in all weather. It can endure many days of rain and high heat without losing any of its utility. It’s slightly heavier but not that much more expensive as a material, allowing it to find plenty of applications.

Brass isn’t as strong as steel or as versatile as zinc, but it is naturally stylish. Well-polished brass stands out as a different metal and is best used on swivel hooks that might not serve a constant function. It’s seen as fancier, which can match up with interior projects or low-impact usage.

Malleable iron is highly durable and tough, even in tiny degrees. It can make tiny but still very powerful hooks that stainless steel or die-cast zin would be hard to form in such small shapes. Malleable iron doesn’t lose nearly as much tensile strength when reduced in size, making it ideal for heavier uses and more delicate applications.

Steel, just plain rough steel, is used for most industrial use. It doesn’t need to be fancy or good-looking. It just needs to do its job holding and supporting the high weight that spun on an axis at will. 


Swivel snap hooks are most commonly associated with middle-grade pet store dog collars. The hook goes around the link of the dog’s collar or through a loop of a dog vest and latches the dog to its leash. The swivel allows the leash to spin with the dog without tangling or binding the rope with knots. 

Swivel snap hooks are helpful for all purposes bonding between two fabrics to keep things in place and adjust to rotations in the wind or through natural motion. Sports will use them to create an easy latch for nets used in volleyball or used with customizable equipment for game hunting, allowing rifles to be strapped or strapless. Depending on the material, they can even work in water.

Heavy-duty snap hooks are used in marine vessels to tie the chain to the anchor, swivel around the base freely, and twist the chain above it. They can be used to move heavy-duty trailers on the backs of cars as well. The design makes them highly versatile, with only two moving parts made using highly efficient construction.


Which To Choose

What kind of swivel snap hook you are looking for depends entirely on the function. If you’re replacing a busted dog collar that no longer snaps shut, a bolt hook will do well. If you need to hitch something to the back of a car, you should look for a heavy-duty snap hook made of solid steel or iron and is big enough to hold the weight. 

These are highly versatile tools that can be operated with just one hand in most circumstances. Consider the long-term usage of a snap hook and evaluate the materials, ease of use among the types, and get one to ease the operation of critical tasks.