A carabiner is one of the equipments for mountaineering. The material of carabiner is generally aluminum alloy, or iron, or stainless steel, with different shapes. . Most people will choose aluminum alloy carabiner because it is light, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, etc., all of which are loved by outdoor sports enthusiasts; stainless steel triangular carabiner can be used on sandbag slings to cope with high-strength stretching, Quick and easy hanging items.

A carabiner is very helpful to climbers because it can protect the safety and health of climbers. Still, when using a carabiner, you must use the correct method to avoid harmful consequences. When using the double-loop figure 8 knot method, you cannot use only one of the loops to lock the seat belt, mainly because the other loop may be loosened when the loop is tightened; if you need to use the double-loop figure 8 knot, One loop is used as a connection, and it is best to hang a lock on the other loop and buckle it on the rope as secondary protection so that the knot can be prevented from failing. If climbers take the most effective and correct methods, they can protect people’s safety well and reduce some worries.

aluminum carabeaners

In preparing the carabiner, climbers must also master some mountaineering skills. When mountaineering and walking, they should swing their arms to maintain body balance and pace and adjust their breathing and pace in a rhythmic state. The best walking speed is the best Walk without panting, keep your shoulders down and your back straight, touch the ground with the soles of your feet, move from heels to toes, and try to maintain a uniform speed; when walking uphill, the center of gravity should be on the front of the soles of the feet, the body should lean forward slightly, and the center of gravity should be placed on the back when walking downhill The soles of the feet while lowering the center of gravity, drop the body slightly.