How to secure dog leash with carabiner? When you’re walking your dog and want to stop somewhere for a few minutes to rest or chat with a neighbor. A carabiner makes it easy to secure a leash to a fencepost or bench leg. Making your dog leash with carabiner.

A carabiner is a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate that can be used to connect components together quickly and easily in a reversible way. Carabiner is used by rock climbers and by other adventure-sport enthusiasts.

Secure dog leash with carabiner

secure dog leash

Equipment can and does fail from time to time. Collars break, leashes slip out of hands and gates fly open. I’m a very responsible person prone to excessive checking and re-checking, yet I have had every one of these things happen to me at some point. It’s part of my general nature to have back-up plans, and these little misfortunes have only made me more aware of their importance.

Carabiners are useful for all kinds of things. They’re also super light weight, so it’s easy to clip one to the end of your dog’s leash and just leave it there. If you need to stop and don’t want to keep your hand on the leash, a quick clip of the carabiner secures the leash around pretty much anything. Sure, you could feed the leash through the handle loop and achieve the same effect, but that requires taking the leash off your dog first.

secure dog leash

Make sure that the karabiner you are using is a true weight-bearing and locking carabiner, and not one simply designed to be used as a keychain or to hold something little like a mesh bag to a backpack. Many carabiners are great for casual use with light objects, but are not sufficient for the uses I’ve described here.

Have you used carabiners to help keep your dogs safe?