Stainless steel triangular-style carabiner is currently widely used on the slings of sandbags. The excellent performance of this carabiner can cope with high-strength stretching, but do you know how much the carabiner can bear? Let’s find out today.

The normal pulling force of an aluminum alloy carabiner is generally 2000-3000 kg, and the hook and loop are generally divided into 0 types, D type, modified D type, and 0 type hook can generally withstand the pulling force of 1500-1800 kg.

Carabiner can not only be used in the field of sports but also can play other roles in real life. For example, the most common one is the button on the sports water bottle. That is the carabiner. With it, the water bottle can be hung on the backpack. Suitable location.


Although the carabiner is familiar to everyone, there are still many people who do not know how to use the carabiner. After all, it and the climbing rope are the two most essential tools to protect the safety of outdoor mountaineering and indoor climbers. Therefore, it is essential to master how to use the carabiner. Let’s take a look at how to use the carabiner:

1. If you need to use the double-loop figure 8 knot method, it is best not to use only one of the loops to lock the seat belt because when the loop is tightened by force, it may cause another loop. The phenomenon of falling off occurs, which is prone to unexpected accidents.

2. If you only need a particular double-loop figure 8 knot loop as a connection, it is best to press the lock on the other loop and then buckle it on the rope as the second line to avoid the failure of the knot. Situation happens.

After the above introduction, I hope everyone can better understand the function of a carabiner and can master its use as soon as possible. When tools such as carabiners and climbing ropes are used correctly, you can be more confident in outdoor mountaineering or other outdoor activities. Otherwise, accidents are likely to occur, resulting in irreparable losses. An accident will not only threaten your safety but also bring enormous physical and mental harm to your family.