People who like to climb mountains usually prepare some equipment to ensure that they will not have accidents. A climbing carabiner is an essential climbing equipment. But mountaineering is rare, so is climbing carabiner really only used for mountaineering?

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Alternative uses for climbing carabiner rings:

  1. Make a simple dog leash: People who have pet dogs at home will definitely go out to walk their dogs often. When you go out to walk your dog, you need to leash the dog, but many people don’t have a dog leash at home, or they can’t find a dog leash for a while, then the climbing carabiner comes into play at this time. A simple dog leash can be made using a climbing carabiner and regular rope.


  1. Water cup rings: Now many water glasses have rings on them, but those who have used this kind of water cups should know that the rings originally equipped on the water cups are very easy to break. If the price of the water cups is cheap, the quality of the rings will be worse. . If the lifting ring is broken, a climbing carabiner ring can be used instead.


  1. Lengthen the keychain: Many people will put the keychain on the belt or on the pants when they go out, but if there is a problem with the keychain, the key may be lost. The quality of the keychains sold in the market is relatively average. At this time, the climbing carabiner can be used as a keychain. The quality of the climbing carabiner is much better than the ordinary keychain.


  1. Flashlight ring: The use of the flashlight ring is similar to that of the water cup ring. There is a rope at the end of the flashlight for everyone to carry, but the small rope still needs to be held by hand, but if you add a climbing carabiner, you can hang the flashlight on your body. And it’s much easier to store.


  1. As a bottle opener: If you can’t find a bottle opener, the climbing carabiner ring can act as a bottle opener. The specific operation is to firmly grasp the bottle with one hand, the hand holding the bottle must be close to the bottle cap, and then hold the climbing carabiner ring with the other hand, and put it on the hand that fixes the bottle, with a little force. Open the cap.


  1. Fix the hammock: To fix the hammock, you need to tie the rope firmly, but the rope is not strong enough after all, so it is likely to fall off during use. At this time, the climbing carabiner plays a big role. You can use the climbing carabiner as a medium to make a knot, and the hammock rope can be fixed more firmly.


The climbing carabiner ring used as a mountaineering tool is basically of the same material, which is much more practical than the buckles of other daily necessities. Therefore, if there is a problem with other buckles in life, you can try to replace it with a climbing carabiner ring.