There are many letters and symbols on the carabiner lock. For those who do not know the carabiner lock, it isn’t easy to understand the meaning of these symbols. This article will introduce you to these symbols.

Mark of Carabiner

For example, this line of symbols: kN↮25↨8□9

Long axis strength: The main force direction, the strength is 25kN.

Short-axis strength: In the direction of the force on the short axis, except for specially designed buckles, general buckles are not recommended to be stressed on the short axis because the strength is much lower than the long axis, and the strength is 8kN.

Gate opening strength: The purpose of this mark is to warn that there are many components because when the gate is opened, even if the force is on the long axis, its strength will drop a lot, and the strength is 9kN.

These symbols may seem meaningless, but they are the most direct and convenient way for you to view the properties of the carabiner. If this article is helpful to you, you can bookmark our official website, and we are committed to providing customers with the best carabiner and customized services.