At present, the main buckle material is aluminum alloy, the advantage is light weight, can achieve sufficient strength, the disadvantage is not wear-resistant, because in the case of heavy use, will occur wear problems. Therefore, in some special applications, such as climbing gyms or ropes courses, steel alloy is considered, which has the advantage of durability and much higher strength, but is very heavy and not suitable for general use. At present, there is not much progress in the material, I do not know whether there will be titanium alloy buckle.




The main advantage is that the weight is greatly reduced and the strength can be maintained, but in the field, because the metal area has become thinner, so the durability is still a concern in the past, but with the gradual introduction of large manufacturers, this concern is less, but However, we need to pay a little more attention to the damage in the use.


Gate Opening


Here refers to the gate opening range, in the rope operation, may need to snap into the rope or buckle at the same time, the opening range is also related to the widest buckle into the object, such as iron column. There are many companies now offering small shackles, the main

If the opening is too small, it will be quite inconvenient in operation.




At present, there are mainly three different shapes of shackle, the first is the common pear-shaped shackle, the advantage is that there is enough space to do knots or double rope operation, the disadvantage is that sometimes the problem of lateral force.


Safety certification: In the certification of the buckle ring, currently are using CE certification, the better buckle ring will also have UIAA certification, because the outdoor environment is very variable, I personally recommend that in addition to certification also consider the brand.