First you need to understand what a carabiner is.

Carabiner is one of the mountaineering tools made of aluminum alloy, iron or stainless steel. Its shapes are various, the more common ones are oval and round, in addition to rectangular, triangular and other styles of carabiner. The aluminum alloy carabiner is light in weight because of its light texture, so it is easy to carry, and its corrosion resistance and rust resistance are excellent. Therefore, it is loved by many outdoor sportsmen. The stainless steel triangular style carabiner is widely used on the slings of sandbags, and its good performance can better cope with high-strength stretching.

When choosing a carabiner brand, we must first make it clear: what the carabiner is mainly used for. It is very important to determine this, because as mentioned above, carabiner is not only used for mountaineering, but also widely used in daily necessities and other sports.

If it is used for mountaineering, it is recommended to buy carabiner buckles produced by big brands, among which the brands that are mainly used for mountaineering equipment are the best. After all, this thing is one of the important tools for life-saving, so when choosing, you must not be sloppy. If you have the ability, try to buy a better special brand of carabiner. Although the price is more expensive, but also more expensive than life.

If it is used to hang water bottles and sandbags, buying ordinary brand carabiner is almost enough.
Only when you have a correct understanding of what a carabiner is and have a clear positioning of your own needs for using a carabiner, can you buy a suitable and high-quality carabiner product.