D buckle

D card Shan buckle can bear a more significant load from the side without opening during use, and it is better to improve 0

The shortcomings of insufficient strength of the carabiner. Moreover, the D-shaped carabiner of the same size is lighter than the 0-shaped mountain buckle and hangs in

The rope or fixing point is more accessible.

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Variable D buckle

The D-shaped mountain buckle is a variant of the D-shaped carabiner. Morphological structure-wide at one end and narrow at one end, this special

The design makes it lighter than the D light mountain buckle, but it is more robust. The opening of the deformed D-shaped buckle is relatively large, and it is hanging in or hanging.

When going out, the action is more accessible, and you can quickly know which side is the opening. Nowadays, there are super.

The trend of the more D-shaped buckle.

HMS buckle

HMS is also called a pear-shaped carabiner, with a large-end and a small-end similar to a pear. HMS boarding

Shan buckle is often used in conjunction with descending equipment. In addition, to prevent this type of carabiner from being accidentally hit.

Open, most with lockable design. You can use the pear-shaped carabiner with the Italian half-buckle for rappelling and protection. We are a reliable carabiner manufacturer, and if you have any questions, you can contact us. We will provide you with the most professional service.